Glorify God

“You are not to profane My holy name; on the contrary, I am to be regarded as holy among the people of Israel; I am Adonai, who makes you holy, who brought you out of the land of Egypt to be your God; I am Adonai.”
Leviticus 22:32-33 CJB

Adonai really desires us to reverence Him and lift up His holy name! Remember, He saved us from our worldly disasters!

“Yes, I will bless you as long as I live; in Your name I will lift up my hands.”
Psalm 63:4 CJB

Often times we do complain and question Adonai and we shouldn’t. Instead we should praise and glorify Him!

“I will thank You, Adonai my God, with my whole heart; and I will glorify Your name forever.”
Psalm 86:12 CJB

Today, let’s just glorify Adonai and praise His holiness, instead of grumbling about the state of the world is in!
Have a blessed day praying and praising!

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