Seek fellowship

They brought what Moshe had ordered before the tent of meeting, and the whole community approached and stood before Adonai.”
Leviticus 9:5 CJB

What a good reminder for us. We need to go to the place of meeting and as a community worship Adonai!

“I was glad when they said to me, the house of Adonai! Let’s go!”
Psalm 122:1 CJB

We really should make assembling ourselves together a high priority! Why? Because we need each other!

“Not neglecting our own congregational meetings, as some have made a practice of doing but, rather, encouraging each other. And let us do this all the more as you see the Day approaching,”
Hebrews 10:25 CJB

Today, it’s getting more and more obvious that the Day of the LORD is fast approaching! This really shoud encourage us even more to want to assemble with other believers!
Have a blessed day seeking fellowship with other believers!

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