Be upright

“If someone sins and acts perversely against Adonai by dealing falsely with his neighbor in regard to a deposit or security entrusted to him, by stealing from him, by extorting him,
or by dealing falsely in regard to a lost object he has found, or by swearing to a lie-if a person commits any of these sins,”
Leviticus 5:21-22 CJB

We need to be honest and upright, because when we aren’t, we are really sinning against Adonai.
Little white lies like they have more money, they won’t miss it or they owe it to me, all of this is still sinning!

“Then, if he sinned and is guilty, he is to restore whatever it was he stole or obatained by extortion, or whatever was deposited with him, or the lost object which he found, or anything about which he has sworn falsely. He is to restore it in full plus an additional one-fifth; he must return it to the person who owns it, on the day when he presents his guilt offering.”
Leviticus 5:23-24 CJB

Today, if we’ve done something wrong like: slandering someone, fudging the numbers or taking something that didn’t belong to us, we need to restore.
Have a blessed day making things right!

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