Offer praise

“If his offering is from the flock, whether from the sheep or from the goats, for a burnt offering, he must offer a male without defect.”
Leviticus 1:10 CJB

What’s important for us to take note of is the words without defect! The question is do we give God our leftovers?

“Offer thanksgiving as your sacrifice to God, pay your vows to the Most High.”
Psalm 50:14 CJB

Do we offer thanks to God or our complaints? We should be offering thanksgiving and praise! Remember, Adonai wants to hear our concerns and problems, but we should be praising Him, knowing He has it covered and will deal with all things!

“I will offer a sacrifice of thanks to You and will call on the name of Adonai.”
Psalm 116:17 CJB

Today, even with the issues we may have, let’s offer praise and thanksgiving, not our complaining and whining!
Have a blessed day!

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