“Moshe cried out to Adonai, What am I to do with these people? They’re ready to stone me!”
Exodus 17:4 CJB

We can feel just like Moshe, Adonai what am I going to do with these coworkers, neighbors and evil leaders who are ready to stone me, so to speak! The answer is: Nothing, the battle belongs to the LORD!

“Then he (Stephen) kneeled down and shouted out, LORD! Don’t hold this sin against them! with that, he died.”
Acts 7:60 CJB

What do we do? We pray, just like Stephen did. Who, after praying, was actually stoned to death! God has you in His arms all the time!

“When you call to Me and pray to me, I will listen to you.”
Jeremiah 29:12 CJB

Today, you may feel like the world is stoning you, whether physically or verbally, the best thing we can do isn’t throw stones back, but throw prayers instead!
Have a blessed day calling on Adonai!

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