He redeems us

“In Your love, You led the people You redeemed; in Your strength, You guided them to Your holy abode.”
Exodus 15:13 CJB

God doesn’t only redeem us, He leads us everyday closer to Himself. Soon we will be not only abiding in Him, we be abiding with Him!

“Adonai will reign forever and ever.”
Exodus 15:18 CJB

Adonai does so many amazing things: He redeemed us, saves us and guides us! The good news He is never going to stop, so just keep trusting!

“I will sing to Adonai, because He gives me more than I need.”
Psalm 13:6 CJB

Today, we should all remember all the great things Adonai has done and realize He really has only just begun!
Have a super blessed day in Him!
Shabbat Shalom.

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