Nothing new under the sun!

“Moshe answered, Well spoken! I will see your face no more.”
Exodus 10:29 CJB

This is how we can feel towards people who just continue and reject God! Sometimes we need to just walk away and stop debating them!

“You reject all who stray from Your laws, for what they deceive themselves with is false.”
Psalm 119:118 CJB

There are a lot of crazy world views out there and the Christain world can and does have some of the craziest! We, as believers, really need to keep it simple and just do what the LORD tells us through His word!

“If you love Me, you will keep My commands.”
John 14:15 CJB

Today, realize there are no new gospels, no new views and no new ways in the LORD! Here’s a good quote to remember; “If it’s new it’s not true and if it’s true it’s not new”. So if someone is trying to get you to follow some new thing, just walk away! See there face no more!
Have a blessed day!

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