Life can be discouraging!

“Moshe said this to the people of Israel. But they wouldn’t listen to him, because they were so discouraged, and their slavery was so cruel.”
Exodus 6:9 CJB

We can and do get so caught up in our own situations that we don’t hear or see the LORD!

“Adonai is near those with broken hearts; He saves those whose spirit is crushed.”
Psalm 34:18 CJB

When life’s situations happen, which they will, don’t lose hope, but focus on the LORD!

“His salvation is near for those who fear Him, so that glory will be in our land.”
Psalm 85:9 CJB

Today, remember as believers, if we are running around hopeless, fearful and discouraged, we just look like the unbelieving world! So, instead be encouraged in the LORD and have joy in His salvation!
Have a blessed day reflecting the joy of the LORD!

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