Live for Adonai

“Yaakov (Jacob) lived in the land of Egypt seventeen years; thus Yaakov lived to be 147 years old.”
Genesis 47:28 CJB

Like Jacob, we live for a time in Egypt (the world) and then we move on, as believers we move on to be with the LORD!

“On that day, a person will heed his Maker and turn his eyes toward the Holy One of Israel.”
Isaiah 17:7 CJB

Yes, that day is coming and is coming soon, I believe! We need to live each day in anticipation for the LORD calling us home and share that Good News with others!

“When you seek Me, you will find Me, provided you seek Me wholeheartedly.”
Jeremiah 29:13 CJB

Today, know we only have a short time here in Egypt (the world), so let’s make it count for the LORD!
Have a blessed day living for the LORD!
Shabbat Shalom!

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