Don’t be jealous

“His brothers were jealous of him, but his father kept the matter in mind.”
Genesis 37:11 CJB

Even though God used all this hatred and jealousy for His bigger plan for Joseph and his family, we still need to be careful of hatred and jealousy in our lives!

“For jealousy drives a man into rage; he will show no mercy when he takes revenge.”
Proverbs 6:34 CJB

Sadly, this is so true. We can be jealous or even envious of someone and it will always end in anger and rage! We need to be more like the LORD, who loves everyone the same!

“those who do not love, do not know God; because God is love.”
1 John 4:8 CJB

Today, be careful of hate, anger and jealousy, because they will destroy you! Instead let’s be like the LORD, who is love, and really try loving each other!
Have a blessed day loving God and others!

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