Be in fellowship

“So Yitz’chak (Isaac) called Ya`akov (Jacob), and, after blessing him, charged him: You are not to choose a wife from the Hitti women.”
Genesis 28:1 CJB

What good advice. We shouldn’t marry or get into intimate relationships with the world! Way to many believers marry unbelievers, which usually end in disasters! We all need to be careful of relationships with the unbeliving world. Remember they are not believers! We need to encorage believers in the LORD and share the LORD with unbelievers!

“Can unjust judges be allied with you, those producing wrong in the name of law?”
Psalm 94:20 CJB

Unjust or worldly people, can never produce something godly or just! We need to look to the LORD for everything and be united with His people!

“Adonai is the one who saves the righteous; He is the stronghold in time of trouble.”
Psalm 37:39 CJB

Today, we are always better off hanging out with other believers than with unbelievers! There will always be strength when we are united with other believers!
Have a blessed day in Him!

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