Eyes on Adonai

“Adonai appeared to him and said, Don’t go down into Egypt, but live where I tell you.”
Genesis 26:2 CJB

Always good advice from the LORD: stay away from the world and obey His word!

“For He is our God, and we are the people in His pasture, the sheep in His care. If only today you would listen to His voice.”
Psalm 95:7 CJB

What a privilege it is to be called God’s people, His children! So why would we listen to anyone else? That would be complete foolishness! So, don’t fall into the trap of listening to the media, politicians and check everything that preachers preach!

“Guide my footsteps by Your word; don’t let any kind of sin rule me.”
Psalm 119:133 CJB

Today, be careful of going down to Egypt (the world) and look to the LORD to guide you! The directions for life are found in His Word (the Bible)!
May your day be a day of thanksgiving in the LORD!

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