“When they had brought them out, he said, Flee for your life! Don’t look behind you, and don’t stop anywhere in the plain, but escape to the hills! Otherwise you will be swept away.”
Genesis 19:17 CJB

The Angels tell Lot and his family to get out of town fast and don’t look back at the city of sin and evil!

“Lot said to them, Please, no, my lord!”
Genesis 19:18 CJB

We hear alot about Lot’s wife looking back, but even Lot didn’t really want to leave or let go of sin city! Do we hold onto things? Grudges, jealousies or envies, to name a few! Don’t allow the sinful places you left have a toe hold on you!

“Create in me a clean heart, God; renew in me a resolute spirit.”
Psalm 51:12 CJB, 51:10 NKJB

If you are holding onto stuff, let go and be like David and ask the LORD to give you a new heart!

“Restore my joy in Your salvation, and let a willing spirit uphold me.”
Psalm 51:14 CJB, 51:12 NKJB

Today, let’s not be like Lot, holding onto sin, but let’s be like David, rejecting and repenting so the LORD can give us a new and clean heart!
Have a blessed day with a renewed spirit in the LORD!

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