Spiritual warfare

“Accept your share in suffering disgrace as a good soldier of the Messiah Yeshua.”
2 Timothy 2:3 CJB

Life is hard, the enemy is real and we will be attacked daily! It’s all part of being in this fierce spiritual battle which we are in!

“No soldier on duty gets involved with civilian affairs, since he has to please his commanding officer.”
2 Timothy 2:4 CJB

We need to be more concerned about being pleasing to God and less appealing to the world!

“Do all you can to present yourself to God as someone worthy of His approval, as a worker with no need to be ashamed, because he deals straightforwardly with the Word of the Truth.”
2 Timothy 2:15 CJB

Today, realize we are in spiritual warfare, being attacked on every front. Our best defense is being in the Word (our sword) rightly studying it and applying it helps us to fend off the enemy!
Have a blessed day following the LORD!

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