Share love

“But for now, three things- trust, hope, love; and the greatest is love.”
1 Corinthians 13:13 CJB

Without love it’s hard to have trust or have hope, we really need love. The world desperately needs love!

“Make me hear of Your love in the morning, because I rely on you. Make me know the way I should walk, because I entrust myself to You.”
Psalm 143:8 CJB

As believers, we really need to be filling ourselves with as much of the love of the LORD as we can! So when we go out into the world we can pour out the love of the LORD!

“Hate evil, love good, and uphold justice at the gate. Maybe Adonai Elohei-Tzava’ot will take pity on the survivors of Yosef (Joseph).”
Amos 5:15 CJB

Realize, as we love people, we don’t need to embrace their sinfulness! What we need to do is lovingly warn them of their sin and share how much the LORD loves them!
Have a blessed day sharing the love of the LORD!

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