“So now please, let Adonai’s power be as great as when you, said, Adonai is slow to anger, rich in grace, forgiving offenses and crimes; yet not exonerating guilty, but causing the negative effects of the parents’ offenses to be experienced by their children and even by the third and fourth generations.”
Numbers 14:17-18 CJB

Here we see Joshua and Caleb came back with a good report of the land and the other ten whined and complained! The LORD was ready to destroy them and Moses interceded, reminding the LORD of His promises, even though the LORD didn’t need to be reminded! I believe the LORD allows things to happen so we can step up and do what is right and intercede in prayer!

“Please! Forgive the offenses of this people according to the greatness of Your grace, just as You have borne with this people from Egypt until now.”
Numbers 14:19 CJB

The thing we should see here is God wants us to step out in faith and do what He calls us to do, even when it seems impossible! Realizing, even when we fail He is gracious, kind and forgiving when we repent!

“Adonai answered, I have forgiven, as you have asked.”
Numbers 14:20 CJB

Today, know we are forgiven and we don’t have to be afraid of stepping out in faith!
Have a blessed day in Yeshua!
Shabbat Shalom!

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