Love one another

“Don’t owe anyone anything-except to love one another; for whoever loves his fellow human being has fulfilled Torah.”
Romans 13:8 CJB

Often times, in many situations we are in, the best thing we can do is just love. It also can be the hardest thing to do! Why? Because the world around us is ugly and full of evil!

“For the commandments, Don’t commit adultery, Don’t murder, Don’t steal, Don’t covet, and any others are summed up in this one rule: Love your neighbors as yourself.”
Romans 13:9 CJB Leviticus 19:18

We may be attacked with words, or even physically. Our first reaction should be love, not attack or fight back! When we can’t love, just walk away!

“Love does not do harm to a neighbor; therefore love is the fullness of Torah.”
Romans 13:10 CJB

Today, we need to really try our best to love even when it’s hard! We all are aware of the angry climate in the world around us, but as believers in Yeshua we need to love!
Have a blessed day!

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