Are you saved?

“Since all have sinned and come short of earning God’s praise. By God’s grace, without earning it, all are granted the status of being considered righteous before Him through the act redeeming us from our enslavement to sin that was accomplished by Messiah Yeshua.”
Romans 3:23-24 CJB

Yes we have all sinned and deserve to rot in hell! But, because the LORD gave us the opportunity to confess our sin and be saved by His love, we won’t be in hell!

“In My Father’s house are many places to live. If there weren’t, I would have told you; because I am going to prepare a place for you. Since I am going and preparing a place for you, I will return to take you with Me; so that where I am, you may be also.”
John 14:2-3 CJB

How amazing the Creator of the universe not only saves us, but is making a place for us to live with Him!

“Adonai is alive! Blessed is my Rock! Exalted be the God of my salvation.”
Psalm 18:47 CJB

Today, may your day be richly blessed knowing that we are saved!

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