Walk in truth

“But just as he reached this point in his defense, Festus shouted at the top of his voice, Sha`ul (Paul), you’re out of your mind! So much learning is driving you crazy!”
Acts 26:24 CJB

This is the reaction the world gives to us about Yeshua and His salvation, they simply think we are crazy for studying and learning about Him!

“But Sha`ul said, No, I am not ‘crazy,’ Festus, your Excellency; on the contrary, I am speaking words of truth and sanity.”
Acts 26:25 CJB

Like Paul, when we talk about Yeshua, we are talking about truth and we are completely sane! It’s the world around us that is out of control and walking in insanity!

“For your grace is there before my eyes, and I live my life by your truth.”
Psalm 26:3 CJB

Today, don’t worry about the world and its anger towards the LORD, but instead let’s simply just live in and share His truth!
Have a blessed day in Him!

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