“Then Kefa (Peter) came to himself and said, Now I know for sure that the LORD sent His angel to rescue me from Herod’s power and from everything the Judean people were hoping for.”
Acts 12:11 CJB

Here we see Kefa (Peter) locked up in jail and the believers praying for his release and the LORD sends an angel to bust Him out!

“He knocked at the outside door, and a servant named Rhoda came to answer. She recognized Kefa’s voice and was so happy that she ran back in without opening the door, and announced that Kefa was standing outside. You’re out of your mind! they said to her. But she insisted it was true. So they said, It is his angel.”
Acts 12:13-15 CJB

We can do the same thing, fervently pray for something, believing the LORD will answer and when He does, we sometimes doubt or don’t believe!

“Instantly the father of the child exclaimed, I do trust-help my lack of trust!”
Mark 9:24 CJB

We can believe with all our hearts that Yeshua is the LORD! But we may get into situations were we think the LORD may not get us out saying things like: “Like that’s gonna happen” or “maybe for others, but not for me”. Realize the LORD is gonna get us through and He always answers us when we call!
Have a blessed day in Him!
Shabbat Shalom!

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