Be bold

“But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop them; you might even find yourselves fighting God! They heeded his advice.”
Acts 5:39 CJB

Anything and anyone who goes against God will fail! We may get beaten up, but with the LORD we will never fail!

“After summoning the emissaries and flogging them, they commanded them not to speak in the name of Yeshua, and let them go. The emissaries left the Sanhedrin overjoyed at having been considered worthy of suffering disgrace on account of Him.”
Acts 5:40-41 CJB

Here we see the disciples told not to preach about Yeshua and were beat for it! Did they stop? No! They left excited! Is this how we feel after we were beat up for the name of Yeshua?

“And not for a single day, either in the Temple court or in private homes, did they stop teaching and proclaiming the Good News that Yeshua is the Messiah.”
Acts 5:42 CJB

Today, let’s not be discouraged by the world’s hatred towards God, but let’s get excited about sharing His Good News!
Have a blessed day!

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