Trust God

“Yeshua declared publicly, Those who put their trust in Me are trusting not merely in Me, but in the One who sent Me.”
John 12:44 CJB

What do you put your trust in? Is it your doctor, your banker or the political system? What drives your life? Your career, your diet or your wealth? We need to put our trust in the LORD and allow Him full access to driving our lives!

“I have come as a light into the world, so that everyone who trusts in me might not remain in the dark.”
John 12:46 CJB

Are we looking to the light of Yeshua for everything or do we allow the darkness of the world to creep in!

“Descendants of Ya`akov, come! Let’s live in the light of Adonai!”
Isaiah 2:5 CJB

Today, let’s live in the light of the LORD and not in the darkness of the world! Don’t let the darkness of the world get you down or get in your way!
Have a blessed day trusting Yeshua for everything!

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