Yeshua the giver of life!

“Now while Yeshua was in Yerushalayim at Pesach festival, there were many people who believed in His name when they saw the miracles he performed.”
John 2:23 CJB

The same happens today: people accept Yeshua when they see miracles, not because Yeshua simply saves! Be careful of wanting gifts and miracles instead of the free gift of salvation!

“Adonia is alive! Blessed is my Rock! Exalted be the the God of my salvation.”
Psalm 18:47 CJB

We all need to be careful of wanting stuff and demanding gifts from the LORD! We need to be more about praising and singing to the LORD!

“Save us, Adonai our God! Gather us from us from among the nations, so that we can thank your holy name and glory in praising you.”
Psalm 106:47 CJB

Today, let’s not get all caught up in what we can get, but instead let’s get caught up in who Yeshua is and praise His holy name!
Today let’s praise the giver of life!

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