Follow the LORD

“Why do you call Me, LORD! LORD! but not do what I say?”
Luke 6:46 CJB

What a great question! We say we love the LORD and follow Him, but don’t do what He says or we make excuses for why we don’t need to!

“Everyone who comes to Me, hears My words and acts on them-I will show you what he is like: he is like someone building a house who dug deep and laid the foundation on bedrock. When a flood came, the torrent beat against that house but couldn’t shake it, because it was constructed well.”
Luke 6:47-48 CJB

When we just do what the LORD says and follow His ways, when the storms of life hit us we make it through! When we don’t follow His ways we end up in a mess!

“And whoever hears My words but doesn’t act on them is like someone who built His house on the ground without any foundation. As soon as the river struck it, it collapsed and that house became a horrendous wreck!”
Luke 6:49 CJB

Today, spend some time in His word and get some instruction for your day!
Dig into His word and do what it says and have a blessed day!

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