Share the word

“Dear Theophilos: Concerning the matters that have taken place among us, many people have undertaken to draw accounts based on what was handed down to us by those who from the start were eyewitnesses and proclaimers of the message.”
Luke 1:1-2 CJB

No matter who Theophilos (lover of God) is, we see Luke sharing the message of Yeshua with him with complete accuracy! And we need to be doing the same, sharing the Salvation message with people as accurately as we can! How? By just sharing His word!

“For I will proclaim the name of Adonai. Come, declare the greatness of our God!”
Deuteronomy 32:3 CJB

We all have a responsibility to share the Good News of Salvation with as many people as possible! The more we share, the more we believe and the more our faith grows!

“So trust comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through a word proclaimed about the Messiah.”
Romans 10:17 CJB

Today, let’s really be about sharing the good news of the LORD. It will bring people to salvation and build our faith in Yeshua!
May your day be richly blessed!

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