We need Shalom (peace)

“Suddenly Yeshua met them and said, Shalom! They came up and took hold of His feet as they fell down in front of Him.”
Matthew 28:9 CJB

Here we see Yeshua (Jesus) is back just like He said. He will be back for us also! What is more awesome is the fact that during the turmoil the disciples were going through at the time He says Shalom (peace). We need this too!

“Then Yeshua said to them, Don’t be afraid! Go and tell my brothers to go to the Galil, and they will see me there.”
Matthew 28:10 CJB

Yeshua says the same to us: Shalom (peace) and don’t be afraid and we really need to hear and believe it! As believers we also need to be spending more time on our knees!

“What I am leaving with you is Shalom-I am giving you My Shalom. I don’t give the way the world gives. Don’t let yourselves be upset or frightened.”
John 14:27 CJB

Today, if you’re looking for peace in the world, you won’t find it. Look to the LORD. That’s where it will be found and then share with those around you!
Have a blessed day!

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