God is on the scene

“God heard their groaning, and God remembered His covenant with Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov. God saw the people of Israel, and God acknowledged them.”
Exodus 2:24-25 CJB

No matter what we may think, God hears us and knows what is going on around us!

“O God, my vindicator! Answer me when I call! When I was distressed, You set me free; now have mercy on me, and hear my prayer.”
Psalm 4:1 CJB

As bad as things are getting in the world, remember God knows and sees all and He has answers on the way! Remember, the LORD has got us through in the past. So He’ll get us through in the present and in our future too!

“When you call to Me and pray to Me, I will listen to you.”
Jeremiah 29:12 CJB

Today, no matter what, God is on the scene taking care of business! We can take hope in that!
Have a blessed day!
Shabbat Shalom!

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