The LORD has it covered

“However, when he heard that Archelaus had succeeded his father Herod as king of Y’hudah, he was afraid to go there. Warned in a dream, he withdrew to the Galil and settled in a town called Natzeret, so that what had been spoken by the prophets might be fulfilled, that he will be called a Natzrati.”
Matthew 2:22-23 CJB

Two things here: first, we can be afraid or fearful of things going on in the world around us, but we also need to know that the LORD has a plan! Just like here, Joseph was afraid, but still continued on with the LORD’S directive!

“For You rescued me from death, You kept my feet from stumbling, so that I can walk in God’s presence, in the light of life.”
Psalm 56:13 CJB

The second thing we need to see here is that Jesus is a total fulfillment of all the old testament prophets! In Isaiah 11, Jesus is called the branch of Jesse (King David’s father) and here Jesus is called a “Nazarite (a branch)”!

“When those days come, at that time, I will cause to spring up for David a Branch of Righteousness. He will do what is just and right in the land.”
Jeremiah 33:15 CJB

Today, even though the world may be filled with evil and wickedness, we need to remember God uses difficulties to protect us and direct us!
Have a blessed day knowing the LORD has it all covered!

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