Worship the LORD

“I will cut off your carved images and standing-stones from among you; no longer will you worship what your own hands have made.”
Micah 5:12 CJB

What a good word for us today, to know that the LORD will cut off all the man-made idols that people worship, the things that distract us from the LORD, like politics, recreation and different forms of entertainment!

“I hate those who serve worthless idols; as for me, I trust in Adonai.”
Psalm 31:6 CJB

We also need to hate the worthless idols made by men, whether it’s man-made politicians, celebrities or buildings! Be careful of falling into the idol trap!

“Their land is full of idols; everyone worships the work of his hands, what his own fingers have made.”
Isaiah 2:8 CJB

The world is full of idols that people worship. They are literally everywhere we look! So we have to be on guard!

“The idols will be completely abolished.”
Isaiah 2:18 CJB

One day the LORD will completely abolish all man-made carved images and standing-stones! For now we need to do our part and refuse to bow down to them or let them consume our lives!
Today, let our minds and hearts be filled with the LORD!
May your day be blessed!

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