“God asked Yonah, Is it right for you to be so angry about the castor-bean plant? He answered, Yes, it’s right for me to be so angry that I could die!”
Jonah 4:9 CJB

Here we see Jonah being more concerned about a plant than the people saved in Nineveh! We can be guilty of doing the same, caring more about a plant so to speak, rather than souls being saved!

“”Adonai said, You’re concerned over the castor-bean plant, which cost you no effort; you didn’t make it grow; it came up in a night and perishes in a night.”
Jonah 4:10 CJB

We see the same things happening around us: save the rainforest, save the whale and save the environment. What we should be more concerned about is saving souls! Sadly, so many people around us are on their way to hell and we have the Good News of Jesus that can save them! We need to be sharing!

“So shouldn’t I be concerned about the great city of Nineveh, in which there are more than 120,000 people who don’t know their right hand from their left-not to mention all the animals?”
Jonah 4:11 CJB

The answer is yes, we should be concerned with the salvation of the lost! Understand, this is what the LORD calls us to do, share the Good News of Salvation!
Let’s have a blessed day sharing the Good News of the LORD!

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