God is bigger

“I am making you the least of all nations, you will be beneath contempt.”
Obadiah 1:2 CJB

As believers, we may be small and much of the world shows a contempt and hate towards us, but remember our LORD is great!

“He saved them from hostile hands, redeemed them from the power of the foe.”
Psalm 106:10 CJB

The LORD saves us and protects us from the hands of hostile nations! So no matter how hostile things get, the LORD has us!

“For You have been my help; in the shadow of Your wings I rejoice; my heart clings to You; Your right hand supports me.”
Psalm 63:7-8 CJB

Today, things may look dark and hostile. Remember, and be encouraged, because our LORD is bigger!
Let’s have a blessed day sharing the good news of the LORD!

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