“Adonai saw that the people on earth were very wicked, that all the imaginings of their hearts were always of evil only.”
Genesis 6:5 CJB

This is only the sixth chapter of the word of God. We see in the beginning God creates light, the earth and man then calls it good! Then we see lying, cheating, murder and now full blown evil! Looks like the world today, but God still shows grace!

“But Noach found grace in the sight of Adonai.”
Genesis 6:8 CJB

The same goes for us. No matter what we do, the LORD still finds us worthy of His grace. All we have to do is call upon Him!

“Make Your face shine on Your servant; in Your grace, save me.”
Psalm 31:16 CJB

Today, let’s thank the LORD for all His love, Grace and Mercy that He bestows on us who are totally undeserving!
Have a blessed day!
Shabbat Shalom.

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