The LORD leads

“Stand up like a man, and brace yourself; I will ask questions; and you, give the answers!”
Job 40:7 CJB

The LORD is asking Job and us, too, if you can do better than God, then you give the answers!

“If you can do this, then I will confess to you that your own power can save you.”
Job 40:14 CJB

We know this is nonsense. Only Yeshua (Jesus) can save, it’s in His name and in His nature, and the reality is we can’t save ourselves! Honestly, there is an awful lot we can’t do for ourselves, we desperately need the LORD!

“Our God is a God who saves; from Adonai Adonai comes escape from death.”
Psalm 68:20 CJB

Today, we all can see the mess that is happening around us and the only way out is through the LORD!
Have a blessed day!

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