Jesus is the answer

“Then Adonai answered Iyov (Job) out of the storm: Who is this, darkening My plans with his ignorant words?”
Job 38:1-2 CJB

The LORD is calling out Job here, saying: who do you think you are questioning me? If we are honest, we’d admit we do the same thing, question God!

“Stand up like a man, and brace yourself; I will ask questions; and you give answers!”
Job 38:3 CJB

God is saying: if you’re so smart then answer Me, how was everything made? Like Job, we are not as smart as God, unfortunately we still act like we are!

“Where were you when I founded the earth? Tell me, if you know so much.”
Job 38:4 CJB

Like Job, we can’t give God the answer! The good news is Yeshua (Jesus) is the answer for everything!
Have a blessed day seeking the LORD!

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