God sees all

“However, even if God lets them rest in safety, His eyes are on their ways.”
Job 24:23 CJB

We can often feel like we are being punished, while evil people get away with everything, living comfortably and our life is upside-down! Why do the wicked get rest? Know this, the LORD has His eyes on them!

“They are exalted for a little while; and then they are gone, brought low, gathered in all others, shriveled up like ears of grain.”
Job 24:24 CJB

Wicked people will get away with wickedness for a season, but their wickedness will catch up with them! Understand they are not getting away with anything!

“There is no shalom (peace), says my God, for the wicked.”
Isaiah 57:21 CJB

Today, things may seem out of order and out of control, but the LORD will make all things right for sure! So let’s put all our hope and trust in the LORD!
May our day be richly blessed in Him!

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