Rely upon the LORD

“Yet to God they said, Leave us alone! We don’t want to know about Your ways.”
Job 21:14 CJB

Sadly, this what the world says to God. What is even more grievous is some professing believers do the same! How? By diminishing God’s instructions found in His word!

“What is Shaddai (The Almighty), that we should serve Him? What do we gain if we pray to Him?”
Job 21:15 CJB

We are always going to be better off when we obey the LORD, calling on Him for answers and instructions!

“Can anyone teach God knowledge? After all, He judges those who are on high.”
Job 21:22 CJB

We can’t and shouldn’t even try to tell the LORD what to do. Realize He will judge those who try!
Have a blessed day standing and relying on the LORD!

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