The LORD is by our side

“My spirit is broken, my days are quenched, I am marked for the grave. Markers are all around me; my eye meets only their hostility.”
Job 17:1-2 CJB

When we look around at the world around us, we can feel broken. Then when we stand up for the LORD, the hostile world mocks and can discourage us! Know the LORD is right by our side!

“Be my Guarantor, Yourself! Who else will put up a pledge for me?”
Job 17:3 CJB

This is what the LORD did for us, He pledged Himself for us and guaranteed our salvation! All we have to do is repent and call upon Him!

“For You have shut their minds to common sense; therefore You will not let them triumph.”
Job 17:4 CJB

Today, as rough as things may seem, know that the LORD has made a perfect way for us! Remember, the unbelieving world lacks common sense!
Have a blessed day!

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