Seek the LORD

“If I were you, I would seek God; I would make my plea to Him.”
Job 5:8 CJB

This is actually good advice, seek God and pleaD your cause or case to Him. We all need to be careful of griping and complaining to others. We will always be better off in the hands of the LORD!

“For God does great deeds beyond investigation, wonders beyond all reckoning.”
Job 5:9 CJB

When we go to the LORD with our concerns and issues we will get results, but, when we go to the world all we really get is frustration. Realize though, when we go to the LORD we may not get the answer we want, we may even be corrected or disciplined!

“How happy the person whom God corrects! So don’t despise Shaddai’s (the Almighty) discipline.”
Job 5:17 CJB

Today, bring all things to the LORD and realize no matter what, He is doing what is best for us, even if it is we who get disciplined! Personally I’d rather be disciplined by the LORD than the world!
Have an amazing day in Him!

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