Remove sin

“Esther replied, If it pleases the king, let the Jews in Shushan act again tomorrow in accordance with today’s decree; also have Haman’s ten sons hanged on the gallows.”
Esther 9:13 CJB

We can look at Esther’s request as being brutal, but we can take an example from it! How? We all from, time to time, have a sin or a situation that plagues us and it needs to be removed!

“The king ordered these things done-a decree was issued in Shushan, and they hanged Haman’s ten sons.”
Esther 9:14 CJB

This is what Esther did. She removed Haman’s sons so they wouldn’t come back to haunt or hunt them down, infect them with fear, anxiety or even death! Remember Haman was an Agagite, from the Amalekites who God commanded Saul to remove and didn’t! Reference: 1 Samuel 15:8

“Make me hear of Your love in the morning, because I rely on You. Make me know the way I should walk, because I entrusted myself to You.”
Psalm 143:8 CJB

Today, let’s spend some time looking to see what may need to be removed from our lives that keeps coming back and biting us! Maybe it’s a FB feed that makes you angry, a news feed that makes you hostile or a radio show that gets you heated. It may be time to remove them! Then look to the LORD, because He is amazing, loving and so forgiving!
May your day be richly blessed, seeking the LORD and not the world!

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