Boast in the LORD

“Haman boasted to them about vast wealth, his many sons, and everything connected with how the king had promoted him and given him precedence over the other officials and servants of the king.”
Esther 5:11 CJB

We all need to be careful of what and who we boast about, unless it’s the LORD!

“When I boast, it will be about Adonai; the humble will hear of it and be glad.”
Psalm 34:2 CJB

When we boast in ourselves, politics or finances, it will always bring us down! When we boast about the LORD, we will always be glad! But boasting about things of the world, we will always be brought down!

“Yet none of this does me any good at all, as long as I keep seeing Mordekhai the Jew remaining seated at the King’s Gate.”
Esther 5:13 CJB

Here we see Haman boasting in himself, until he sees Mordekhai the Jew (man of God) and it just makes him angry! That’s what happens when we boast in ourselves, something will always anger us!

“We will boast in our God all day and give thanks to your name forever.”
Psalm 44:8 CJB

Today, let’s boast in the LORD, who will always make us glad!
Have a blessed day in Him!

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