Seek the LORD

“For Ezra, had set his heart on studying and practicing the Torah of Adonai and teaching Israel the laws and rulings.”
Ezra 7:10 CJB

Like Ezra we need to prepare our hearts before the LORD!

“My soul yearns, yes, faints with longing for the courtyards of Adonai; my heart and body cry for joy to the living God.”
Psalm 84:2 CJB

We need to be a people who are longing for the LORD, not the world! In life, if we put our hope in the health care system, governments and even, unfortunately, preachers we will be let down! When we put our hope and trust in the LORD, He will never let us down!

“Happy is he whose help is Ya’akov’s (Jacob) God, whose hope is in Adonai his God.”
Psalm 146:5 CJB

Today, let’s set our heart on the LORD, studying and practicing His word!
Have a blessed day seeking Him!

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