Don’t be nosey

“But N’kho (Necho) sent envoys to him with this message: Do I have a conflict with you, king of Y’hudah? No, I am not coming today to attack you, but to attack the dynasty with whom I am at war. God has ordered to speed me along; so don’t meddle with God, who is with me; so that he won’t destroy you.”
2 Chronicles 35:21 CJB

Often times like Josiah, we kind of stick our noses in things that are none of our business! The king of Egypt was going to fight the king of Kark’mish, which had nothing to do with Israel and to boot, God made it clear for Josiah to stay away!

“Nevertheless, Yoshiyahu (Josiah) was determined to go after him. He disguised himself in order to fight against him and wouldn’t listen to what N’kho said, which was from the mouth of God. Then he went to fight in the Megiddo Valley.”
2 Chronicles 35:22 CJB

This ended up being the end of Josiah for basically sticking his nose where it didn’t belong! We need to be careful of doing the same thing. When we get involved in things that aren’t our business it always ends badly!

“How happy are those who observe His instruction, who seek Him wholeheartedly!”
Psalm 119:2 CJB

Through the LORD we are set apart from the world, so let’s be prayerful and careful of what we get involved in! If you have any questions, just simply look to the LORD and walk in His ways!
May your day be blessed being in His will!

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