Call on the LORD

“He did what was evil from Adonai’s perspective, following the disgusting practices of the nations whom Adonai had expelled ahead of the people of Israel.”
2 Chronicles 33:2

We see this happening today. People are following the disgusting practices of the world, not the godly standards of the LORD! This is what Manasseh did, probably the evilest king in Israel’s history! He was raised in the godly home of Hezekiah, but turned to the evil of the world!

“Then, when he was in distress, he began to appease the anger of Adonai, abjectly humbling himself before the God of his ancestors.”
2 Chronicles 33:12 CJB

We see that when Manasseh finally comes to the point were the penalties of his sin are too much for him to bear, he then calls on the LORD! Realize, we can only go so far in sin before it overtakes us! The good news is the LORD is only a call away!

“Adonai, you are kind and forgiving, full of grace toward all who call on You.”
Psalm 86:5 CJB

The good news for us all, no matter how bad we blow it, the LORD is always there waiting and willing to forgive!
May your day be richly blessed!

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