Fear the LORD

“Therefore, let the fear of Adonai be upon you; be careful what you do; for Adonai our God does not allow dishonesty, partiality or bribe-taking.”
2 Chronicles 19:7 CJB

We need to be more in fear of not walking with the LORD, than what the world can or can’t do to us!

“You are to follow Adonai your God, fear Him, obey His mitzvot (laws), listen to what He says, serve Him and cling to Him.”
Deuteronomy 13:5 CJB

The world is full of dishonesty, partiality and just look at the bribery in governments around the world! The LORD dislikes it all and desires us to follow after Him! Understand our LORD will make all things right in His time!

“For the vision is meant for its appointed time; it speaks of the end, and it does not lie. It may take a while, but wait for it; it will surely come, it will not delay.”
Habakkuk 2:3 CJB

No matter what we see going on good or bad, remember, the LORD is going to deal with it! In the mean time we get to love and follow Him!

“If you love Me, you will keep My commands.”
John 14:15 CJB

Today, don’t fall into the world and all its trappings, instead fall into the arms of the LORD!
May your day be richly blessed in Him!

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