Seek the LORD

“But when, in their distress, they turned to Adonai the God of Israel and sought Him, they found Him.”
2 Chronicles 15:4 CJB

It really is that simple, just seek the LORD every day, don’t wait until you’re in distress!

“However, from there you will seek Adonai your God; and you will find Him if you search after Him with all your heart and being.”
Deuteronomy 4:29 CJB

Often times we wait until everything is falling apart, then we seek the LORD! What we really need is to be going through His word daily and in order! Be careful of skipping around looking for a verse to fit your desire or needs.

“Seek Adonai and His strength; always seek His presence.”
Psalm 105:4 CJB

Today, let’s dig into the word of the LORD, seeking His will for our lives!
Have a blessed day seeking the LORD!

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