Jesus is the answer

“They were to stand every morning to sing thanks and praises to Adonai, and likewise every evening.”
1 Chronicles 23:30 CJB

In other words we need to start our day with the LORD, live our day with the LORD and end our day with the LORD!

‘Make me hear of Your love in the morning, because I rely on you. Make me know the way I should walk, because I entrust myself to you.”
Psalm 143:8 CJB

As we start our day, we really need to spend time in prayer, in His word meditating on it and then living it through the day!

“Oh yes, they seek Me day after day and delight in knowing my ways. As if they were an upright nation that had not abandoned the ruling of their God, they ask me for just rulings and to take pleasure in closeness to God.”
Isaiah 58:2 CJB

Today, let’s make the LORD the priority for everything, because no matter what He is the answer for everything!
Have a blessed day.

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