His mercy

“David said to Gad, This is very hard for me. Let me fall into the hand of Adonai, because his mercies are very great, rather than have me fall into the hand of man.”
1 Chronicles 21:13 CJB

We should always desire to fall into the hands of the LORD, not the hands of men! Because in the hands of the LORD we will always be better off!

“He has not treated us as our sins deserve or paid us back for our offenses, because His mercy toward those who fear Him is as far above earth as heaven.”
Psalm 103:10-11 CJB

Even when we blow it, we can always count on the fact when we confess, His mercies will always come through!

“Give thanks to Adonai, for He is good, for His grace continues forever.”
Psalm 136:1 CJB

Today, no matter what is happening, know that we are always gonna be better off falling into the mercies of the LORD!
Have a blessed day!

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