Turn to the LORD

“Yet even now, says Adonai, turn to me with all your heart, with fasting, weeping and lamenting.”
Joel 2:12 CJB

I believe some of what we see happening around us was allowed by the LORD to get us to focus on Him! Often times we need to be broken and falling apart to see that what we really need is the LORD!

“Tear your heart, not your garments; and turn to Adonai your God. For He is merciful and compassionate, slow to anger, rich in grace, and willing to change His mind about disaster.”
Joel 2:13 CJB

The LORD doesn’t want us to change our hair or clothing, He wants us to change our hearts and call upon Him! He really is all we need! When we are broken before the LORD and call upon Him and repent! He will forgive us and restore us!

“God, restore us! Make your face shine, and we will be saved.”
Psalm 80:3 CJB

The good news is when we are broken before the LORD, He will always be there hearing our cries and willing to forgive!
Have a blessed day knowing the LORD hears our calls!

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