The LORD is good

“Yes, it was at Adonai’s order that this happened to Y’hudah, in order to remove them from His sight because of the sins of M’nasheh and all he had done, and also because of the innocent blood, and Adonai was unwilling to forgive.”
2 Kings 24:3-4 CJB

Manasseh was an evil man, as scripture tells us, and the people continued in these evil ways, and with the LORD you can’t get away with sin!

“But if you will not do this, then you have sinned against Adonai, and you must understand that your sin will find you out.”
Numbers 32:23 CJB

Here is the deal, the people of Judah were sinning and not repenting. Yes, the LORD will forgive, but repentance needs to happen first! With no repentance there can be no forgiveness!

“Or perhaps you despise the riches of His kindness, forbearance and patience; because you don’t realize that God’s kindness is intended to lead you to turn from your sins.”
Romans 2:4 CJB

How awesome is this, no matter how bad we blow it, all we have to do is call on the LORD and repent and He forgives! Once we realize how good the LORD is, it should lead us into wanting to just simply walk in His ways! Why? Because His ways are always better!
Have a blessed day seeking the LORD and His ways!

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