Don’t get mixed up

“However, they didn’t listen, but followed their old [pagan] practices.”
2 Kings 17:40 CJB

We need to be listening to what the LORD says, not what the what the world, says! When we listen to the world we live in fear and deception leading to depression! Also, really be careful of mixing worldliness with godliness!

“So these nations mixed fearing Adonai with serving their carved idols; likewise their children; and to this day, their descendants do the same as their ancestors did.”
2 Kings 17:41 CJB

Often times in life, we need to make choices. We will never go wrong when we choose the LORD! Be careful of mixing the world with the LORD. It will always make a mess!

“Eliyahu stepped forward before all the people and said, How long are you going to jump back and forth between two positions? If Adonai is God, follow Him; but if it’s Ba’al, follow him! The people answered him not a word.”
1 Kings 18:21

Today, let’s be about choosing the LORD and His ways and then practice and proclaim them!
Have a blessed day in Him!
Shabbat Shalom!

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